Millennial Managers

MillennialsWe have reached a point in the United States job market where millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. As a result, more and more millennials are being put into management positions, sometimes over older employees in the company. Millennials have several unique attributes as employees, which is shown in their management styles. Employees must understand that millennial managers are being influenced by a number of things that previous generations have not had to deal with up until now. They have different managerial styles, which is shown in situations such as the ones below.

They Focus on Digital Branding

One of the many things millennials have been influenced by is technology. They have grown up with it, and therefore understand the importance of a strong digital brand. The way they focus on their own activity on social media is the same way they will hone in on social media for any company. They know that building a strong digital brand is one of the key things they can do to ensure a company’s success.

They Embrace Work-Life Balance

Many people have mislabeled millennials as ‘the lazy generation.’ Most millennials, however, work incredibly hard. Unlike other generations, though, they value a balance between their work and their lives. They work when they are at work, but adamantly make time for a personal life as well, which is arguably more healthy than working all the time.

They Won’t Change Everything

Those who experience having a millennial manager for the first time may be wary due to the belief that millennials will try to turn normal company policy on its head. This is not generally the case. Whatever changed millennials happen to make while in a management position come gradually and are almost always a discussion with employees.

All in all, millennial managers are becoming more and more common. Their managerial styles may be different, but they are warranted in today’s fast-paced technological society.