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Millennial Managers

We have reached a point in the United States job market where millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. As a result, more and more millennials are being put into management positions, sometimes over older employees in the company. Millennials have several unique attributes as employees, which is shown in their management styles. Employees must understand that millennial managers… Read more →

Got A Multi-Generational Workforce? Here’s How To Provide Employee Benefits

Any company with a workforce that spans generations presents an obstacle for benefit professionals. These professionals want to provide a set of health and voluntary insurance offerings, but each age group has different wants and needs.   Staff in their early to mid-20s don’t have a firm understanding of benefits. They are overwhelmed with student loans and other financial struggles.… Read more →

The Generational Job Search

With so many different generations in the workforce, a brand new layer has been added to the hiring process. Not only do employers have to take into account a potential employee’s qualifications, demeanor, and background, they also must consider what an employee wants out of a job and how said person is going about searching for jobs. A large portion… Read more →

The Multi-Generational Workforce

There is no doubt that the number of generations in the workplace is growing. The age of retirement has increased, meaning that more older generations are staying in the workforce while younger generations enter it. This has become a dilemma for the heads of companies, as employees from each generation have different ways of working and different expectations from their job.… Read more →

Advertise the Future

Millennials are joining the workplace in droves. They graduate from college and immediately look for employment, ready to give their talents to any worthy workplace. This is great news for many companies – millennials have been proven to be young, passionate, and energetic, all factors that help businesses thrive. However, as the owner of a company, it is beneficial to… Read more →

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What Millennials Want At Work

Millennials by the year 2020 will represent over 40 percent of the workplace. Millennials bring a different approach and a different skillset to the workplace. They are the highest educated age group in the US, and look for a personal experience with tech platforms. And constantly are on the lookout for innovation. As more and more millennials are graduating college… Read more →

Millennial Core Values

  With millennials coming of age and quickly moving through their 20s and 30s, it’s no secret they are a different animal from the rest of the working populace. With all the conflicting information on millennials relationship with the work place, how do we successfully engage this generation in positive behavior change? All generations share a set core motivations that… Read more →