Scott Sadler

scott sadler millenial coach oregonFor many business owners today, the millennial generation is a source of both hope and concern. While many millennials are intelligent and can work hard, business leaders and managers are always finding differences in what motivates the millennial generation and what they constitute as success or failure in both business and life. When businesses are having trouble with millennials, they call trusted adviser Scott Sadler to help management understand just how millennials think and how they can be approached effectively to ensure a win-win situation in which both the individual and the organization can thrive together.

With millennial turnover at an all time high (studies show that 75% of top performers will quit within 36 months to find a better position), Scott Sadler’s work is all the more important when it comes to bridging the gap between millennials and the generation Xers and baby boomers.

Millennials are currently 44% of the workforce and will be 50% by 2020, which makes understanding them and how they function incredibly important. Scott uses his upbeat and authentic attitude to reach millennials by challenging them to better themselves and speaking to them as peers and equals. His straight-talking style is instrumental in helping him connect with the younger generations, facilitating his understanding of what makes them tick and what they want out of their current careers. He is then able to take this information to business leaders and work with them so that they can understand their millennial workforce in a new and productive way and come to a mutually beneficial association. Scott’s book “A Guide for Developing Successful Millennial Leaders” was published in 2014.

While Scott Sadler specializes in millennials in the workplace, he has years of experience as a business owner and executive coach for people from all generations. Scott has owned a number of businesses of different sizes, giving him the required knowledge to use his executive coaching skills to take your organization to the next level. He focuses on the people within a business and truly believes that all business problems have a communication solution. With an approach encompassing complete honesty tempered with compassion and hard-nosed accountability, Scott works to figure out where the problems reside to ensure sustainable results for the real world we live in. Scott’s client list is vast and ever expanding, including companies such as Dr. Marten’s, S.A.I.F. Corporation, Kimpton Hotels, Liberty Mutual Insurance, SHRM and more. Scott Sadler is also the Director of Workplace Programs for the Executive Coaching University, serving clients in 38 countries around the world.